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How to: Become a Famous Violinist

First, you need to achieve a level of playing that looks and sounds "professional" to 80% of people and 100% of parrots.

Do that, then this:

1. Create a show everyone will love

2. Book a gig at Madison Square Garden

3. Invite your friends and family and have them to each bring 6,000 people

4. Choose 5 of your favorite famous people

e.g. Adele, Ice Cube, Taylor Swift, Oprah, Anthony Bourdain

5. Invite them too

6. Make sure the event is televised globally and mostly everybody loves it

7. Film the world's most punctilious parrot's reaction to your show

8. Pay a ton of money to social media to ensure the parrot video goes viral

9. Go back to practicing.

10. Repeat steps 1-8 to fame

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